Whether you’re on a romantic date or spending some time with close friends and family, there are very few things better than sharing a good meal with someone you’re excited to be around. Actually a good meal can even make a good time out of time with someone you’re not excited to be around. 2019 brought some great new foods onto our tables and into our lives, and 2020 promises to be just as exciting for those of us who love a good meal. Here’s a quick preview at some trends you can expect to carry on into 2020.


Veganism is Here to Stay


While there is still a plethora of jokes and snide comments aimed at vegans, this animal-friendly diet isn’t going anywhere. Vegan chef specialists around the world have quickly figured out how to serve their vegan customer bases more than a bowl of carrots and lettuce, developing an incredibly tasty line of vegan comfort foods! There are already vegan alternatives to cheese, burgers, and chicken alfredo available at multiple eateries, and you can expect that trend to continue to grow.


Edible Relief


It’s 2020; we all have at least one person in our lives who believe in the use of CBD oil. While CBD is becoming more accepted, it still hasn’t received full clearance from the FDA. With evidence growing more and more that CBD does help with headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and a litany of other ailments, it’s very possible that the use of CBD in edible forms becomes a popular food option in 2020.


Near Beer in a New Light


With the continued growth in popularity of totally healthy living, alcohol consumption hasn’t become as much of a staple of our evenings out on the town. Many restaurants are now offering “mock-tails” and low-ABV drink options. People are finally coming around to the fact that a good evening with friends and family doesn’t have to involve an intense headache and nausea that lasts well into the next day. While there will always be alcohol friendly establishments, expect to see more of an uptick in lighter options.


2020 promises to be another great year for the food and drink industry. Here’s to another good year of quality time around the table.