With all the changes due to the coronavirus, it is tempting to sit at home all day eating junk food and ordering delivery. However, taking the time and effort to make real, nutritious meals can help people boost their immune system, improve their mental health, and save some money. Here are some ways people can stay healthy and avoid breaking the bank during the coronavirus pandemic.


Be Willing to Experiment With Unusual Ingredients


One of the hardest parts of finding nutritious meals is that many common grocery items are sold out due to hoarding. Cooks who still want to eat healthy instead of just going with delivery foods need to be more flexible with their ingredient choices. For example, a grocery store may only have leeks instead of onions and chicken legs instead of chicken breast, but it is still possible to make a tasty and nutritious soup with these items.


Focus on Fruits and Vegetables


When people are at home all the time, they are often tempted to snack out of boredom. To keep this from causing health problems, try to stock up on plenty of fruits and vegetables. Things like fresh berries, carrot sticks and hummus, or bell pepper strips can satisfy snack cravings while also giving people the vitamins they need to keep their immune system functioning.


Take the Time to Cook Dried Goods


Basics like rice and dried beans are sold out in many stores, but if home cooks look on the dry goods aisles, they can still find a lot of great options like quinoa, split peas, cornmeal, and bulgur. These types of items can take a little extra soaking and simmering to turn into tasty meals, but the effort can be worth it. In addition to being cheap and long lasting, they are often a great source of nutrients.


Try Shopping at Ethnic Supermarkets


People can find some amazing deals when they step outside their comfort zone and shop at places besides American grocery store chains. Stores that focus on providing staples from around the world can have great deals and provide ingredients sold out in bigger stores. This can be a great opportunity for people to try new recipes.